Established in 1978 and locally owned, Frenchtown Pharmacy provides our patients with the best service possible, along with offering quality products at a fair price.
Welcome to Frenchtown Pharmacy

Frenchtown Pharmacy opened its doors in 1978. Al Giarretta has continued to serve this community for 39 years. He is dedicated to providing the best service possible along with quality products at reasonable prices.

Patients are treated in a professional and compassionate manner.  Every effort is made to provide assistance and answer your questions.

Frenchtown Pharmacy
offers the service of the old time "corner drug store" and the convenience of a modern computerized pharmacy. Our experienced pharmacists,technicians and clerks provide friendly, courteous, fast and professional service.

Please talk to us if you are uninsured or under insured. We have very reasonable cash prices. 

Ask us about your pets medications! 

 Free local delivery!! (Some exceptions apply) 

  • Large selection of over the counter products
  • ELF makeup
  • Unique greeting cards
  • Gift wrap and bags

Frenchtown Pharmacy Featured Stories
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Ever noticed that when you try to "do it all," the one thing you can count on is getting sick?

Yoga + Aerobics Doubles Heart Benefits
A combination of yoga and aerobic exercise may benefit people with heart disease, according to a new study.
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An allergy to latex is quite common. So much so that your doctor or dentist may ask you if you have one before you have any type of examination.
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More Young Kids Spending Lots of Time on Phones, Tablets
In recent years, young American children have gone from spending 5 minutes a day on some sort of mobile device to spending 48 minutes a day doing so, new research shows.
Frenchtown Pharmacy Health Tips
Cooking with fats
When cooking with fats, use only those fats that remain stable at temperatures above the boiling point, such as butter, olive oil, and unrefined palm and coconut oil. Don’t heat polyunsaturated vegetable oils, such as safflower, sunflower, and flaxseed oils. Heating these oils causes them to break down, allowing trans fatty acids to develop.

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